About me

I am a PhD candidate at the Music Technology Group of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona under the supervision of Dr. Xavier Serra. My work focuses on audio dataset creation, audio signal representations and deep learning for sound event recognition. My thesis is partially funded by a 2017 Google Faculty Research Award for the creation of the Freesound Dataset (FSD).

My most recent contributions include co-organizing a Kaggle audio tagging competition and an ICASSP 2019 paper about learning sound event classifiers in presence of label noise. My research interests include signal processing and machine learning with applications to machine listening, as well as sound and music computing and acoustics.

I am also involved in the teaching of one undergraduate course (Sound and Music Processing) and I am a teaching assistant in Coursera’s Audio Signal Processing for Music Applications. I graduated from Technical University of Madrid (Spain) in Telecommunications Engineering and received my Master’s degree in Engineering Acoustics from Aalborg University (Denmark).

In this web you will find information about me and my work, the research that I do and some other possibly interesting stuff.

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